What is a Vision Alignment Session?

It’s an innovative approach to inner wellness that uses a combination of art, yoga, and meditation to help you tap into your imagination. It goes beyond the surface of the THINGS that you want in life, and it helps you to focus on who you want to BE. It is a down to earth experience that helps you do the internal work that will change your life. Lastly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, it helps you to build the internal strength you need to chart the journey towards your dreams!!!

Different Ways to Align Your Vision




Who Are Vision Alignment Sessions For?

Just Chill sessions are available virtually. Nature Vibing sessions are available for Houston residents. Choose from a list of parks when you book your appointment.

Vision Alignment Sessions Will Help You:

  • Become aligned with your vision and goals
  • Build trust in your intuition and inner wisdom
  • Become aligned with your spirit and receive guidance
  • Become more grounded and comfortable in your own skin
  • Confront your fears and break through energy blockages
  • Restore trust in self and offer self-forgiveness
  • Process anxiety and balance your emotions
  • Generate inner peace and faith in your vision
  • Create balance within your mental and emotional worlds
  • Gain a better understanding of yourself and your power

Meet Andrea, Your Alignment Coach

Andrea is a teacher, an artist, and an all around inspirational being! She is a creative spirit who loves making connections. She thrives on deep communication, journaling and meditation, and indulging in creative adventures. She expresses her artistry through visual art, writing, and making jewelry. She strives to enlighten others using the gifts that God gave her.

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