Meditation is an Active Experience

How often do you meditate? If you do, what is your idea of meditation? A lot of people think that meditation means sitting in a stationary position with your legs crossed, making your thoughts go away… but meditation is an active experience. You’re actively engaging your thoughts and becoming aware of your internal activity. You’re actively deciding which thoughts you want to feed and entertain.

Benefits of Meditation

  • It brings perspective.
  • It eliminates anxiety and creates space for clarity.
  • It allows you to hear your inner voice and intuition.
  • It allows you to connect with the answers you’re searching for.
  • It enhances focus and attention.
  • It challenges you to take control of your mind.
  • It gives insight into your mental habits.
  • It shows you to yourself.
  • It encourages internal stillness when there is external chaos.
  • It establishes inner peace.
  • It electrifies the power of manifestation.

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